Miguel Carrasco Sr. started the Smeltertown Vocational School in 1923.  Trades and home economics were provided to the youth os the town.


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Carrasco family from Chihahwa,Mexico

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For those Carrasco's from El Paso, I have identified four families who originated from Chihuahua. There may be more since Juarez, Mex. also has some Carr. families. These are:
1. Miguel (Mike) Carrasco from Smeltertown, a prominent vocational education teacher whose sons were David, Eliseo,(basketball players from College of Mines, and two other brothers. The Job Corps Center in El Paso is named after David Carrasco, its founder, who was also a college basketball coach. Eliseo served in the State Department. I think Mike's family was from Julimes, Chihuahua.
2. Pedro Carrasco from the Val Verde area. He was a produce entreprenuer. I do not know anything about his family.
3. Anastacio (Tacho) Carrasco from Socorro. An agriculture businessman and business leader. His sons were and are active in local Socorro politics.
4. Carrasco brothers of Canutillo who own several businesses in Canutillo. Pete Carrasco is one of the sons who owns a business in West El Paso. I think they were from Julimes.
5. Pedro and Ramon Carrasco Gomez, and Severiana Pedregon Carrasco (la Guera) families from Ysleta (My family). Tio Pedro was a farmer in Ysleta who had about ten kids my cousins, two boys and 8 girls. Tia Severiana was married to her husband, a farmer, Alberto Pedregon of Ysleta (San Jose area)who had three kids, one boy Alberto and two girls, Flora and Carmen. Ramon Carrasco Gomez was my father. He had four sons and one daughter, Ray, Robert, Henry, Richard, and Martha. All live in Sacramento, Calif. except for myself and my brother Robert who died over a year ago.
His father was Jesus Carrasco who was married to Severiana (Chana) Carrasco Gomez. Jesus Carrasco, my grandfather was a farmer in Saucillo, Chihuahua which is close to Delicias. He farmed with my Tio Presciliano who was a mountain of a man 6 foot six and weighed about 300 lbs. Tio Pedro was also pretty big at 6 ft. 1 in. and about 275 lbs. My Dad was the baby of the family at 6ft. and 215 lbs. They also had two other sisters: Dolores and Lupe.

The historian of the family in Saucillo and Delicias is my second cousin, Carlos (Chale Jr.) Carrasco. I have to tape him pretty soon because he is getting up in years. His Dad, Chale Sr., a former alcalde of Saucillo, knew quite a bit of the history of the family in Chihuahua which he passed on to Chale Jr. Chale Jr. and his brother, Roberto, are former bankers in Chihuahua. Chale is a former Mayor of Delicias. Their brother, Raul, is a former research veterinarian for the State of Chihuahua. They have three sisters, Rosa Maria, Maria Elena, and Blanca.
The story they tell is that Saucillo was founded by four former Colonels of the Spanish and Mexican Army who were stationed at Santa Gertrudes, a military outpost close to Delicias. They were the Colonel's Terrazas,Chavez,Gomez,and Tiburcio Carrasco . The Spanish progenitor to the Carrasco's was a Spanish Captain who came over from Burgos or Salamanca, Spain in 1535 through Sonora or Zacatecas to Chihuahua. There was a soldier named Martin Carrasco with a red beard and horses listed on the Juan de Onate expedition through Chihuahua and New Mexico, but I do not know if he was related in any way to the Carrasco's in Chihuahua. This is all I know about the Carrasco's at present. If the good Lord allows, I will go to Chihuahua and make a documentary to find out more. more. Saludos y un fuerte abrazo.